CH Sunnywood Sugar and Spice – aka “Buddy”
Red Classic Tabby and White


Pam Goff

Davenport, Florida


The Maine Coon Cat is thought to have been in existence for hundreds of years, living in the forests in Maine.
``Later they migrated to the farms in Maine and were known as a working farm cat. In 1895 The Maine Coon Cat made strides by winning the first cat show which was held in New York City. After this feat they dropped out of sight and in the 60's there was a re-introduction of this breed, which was then accepted for registration by CFA.

This cat has a great disposition so much so that they have been called the "Gentle Giant".

They are America's only purebred cat.

Our Maine Coon cats are screened for HD and HCM.
At the age of two we begin echocardiograms to make sure our cats have healthy hearts.
Currently, the recommended method is Cardiac ultrasound to identify
early warning signs of HCM, the most common heart disease in cats.
Even with careful screening, no breeder can guarantee that their cats
are free from this condition, but we do our best to minimize the risk.